Classic G-SHOCK characters, brought back to life in a camouflage design.  

A bit of nostalgia for fans of previous G-SHOCK generations in a thrilling new design for lovers of the current G-SHOCK evolution. Journey across the G-UNIVERSE — an angular timepiece covered in a cast of old-school G-SHOCK characters.
The camouflage design of the new release the DW5600GU-7 is made up of 18 iconic G-SHOCK characters from the past, including the frog from the FROGMAN line. 

Pure G-SHOCK spirit, distilled into one classic model. The reverse LCD blacks out the face, completing the unified black-and-white colour scheme. The characters are also printed on the dial to capture the design concept fully.

G-SHOCK G-Universe Master of G Tribute Limited Release

The eighteen Master of G characters featured on the DW-5600GU-7 include the following: Frogman (DW-6300 from 1993, MRG-1100 from 1999, GWF-1000 from 2009), Mudman (DW-8400 from 1995, G-9000 from 2006, GW-9300 from 2011), Gulfman (DW-9700 from 1999, GW-9100 from 2007), Rangeman (GW-9400 from 2013), Gaussman (AW-571 from 1998), Wademan (DW-9800 from 1999), Lungman (DWG-100J from 1999), Riseman (DW-9100BJ from 1997, GW-9200J from 2008, G-9200 from 2008), Fisherman (DW-8600J from 1996), Raysman (DW-9300 from 1998), Antman (GW-100 from 2000).