The pearl is the birthstone for June.

What is the Birthstone for June?
The pearl is the birthstone for June. The fact that June is the only month with an organic birthstone—i.e., one that was generated by a living thing rather than over many aeons in the Earth—makes June babies exceptionally fortunate. Only a very small fraction of aquatic species, some of which may inhabit freshwater or saltwater settings, are capable of producing pearls. Each species creates a distinctive-appearing gem that has a particular variety of hues and sizes.

Pearls were once a very uncommon gemstone. A fortuitous coincidence led to their inadvertent discovery by divers looking for food, and any new jewels caused noblemen and rich people to rush to buy them throughout history.

Although they come in a variety of lovely colours, white pearls are frequently sought for. They stand for knowledge, tenacity, and morality.